Dependable contractor with a high level of technical experience delivering a quality service.

Dams and water storage

We offer a complete service for dam and water storage schemes on your property. From small dams for stock, to large capacity reservoirs for crop and vineyard irrigation.

Maximise returns and beat off the droughts with a solution tailored to your needs.

Property development and infrastructure

We can provide you with a complete package for your subdivision, commercial or investment property.

Our services includes initial site-cut and access, demolition, drainage, service installation, septic tank excavation and roading.


We have extensive experience in large cut-to-fill projects, forestry roading and platform construction, farm access and maintenance, final trim excavation, and land contouring.

We are capable of undertaking jobs of all sizes and natures.

About us

Wilson grew up in Hawke’s Bay and started FCL initially in 2007. He moved overseas and gained experience in the UK and Australia on large civil projects including highway and rail construction.

He came back in 2016 to start his family and restart his business. With 15 years experience, Wilson has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done.